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Fireworks & Fertility

 A thrilling tale of seduction, science, and sabotage

Julia Holland is a top-level clinical embryologist and an exceptionally compassionate woman. But she is struggling. A tumultuous national merger of the nation’s best fertility clinics, troublesome staff, a break-in, and a disastrous mix up are threatening her career. Then, there’s Julia’s handsome and mysterious boyfriend Luke. While Luke travels to dangerous Colombian emerald mines, she finds herself drawn to his stoic security guard, Jason.  As she unravels threads of these events, Julia realizes that instead of a clinical mistake, she has uncovered a dangerous mystery and the relationships she has with her staff, her lover, and even herself, may not be what they seem. 

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What Comes Next?

After Fireworks & Fertility

 This time Julia Holland knows who she is…but does she know all there is to know about the man she she ends up with in Fireworks and Fertility

Dive into Southern Florida where hot afternoons are spent at Coral Gables and cheer for the success of Hiatus Fertility Clinic…

Until the explosive eruption of shattered glass.  What will Julia Holland and Sam Stone do when two foes go head to head in a race to overcome fertility issues, on a bigger, if not universal scale? Will ethics be compromised? Amidst revelations of her boyfriend’s past, the embryologist tries to protect her fertility patients at her clandestine clinic, Second-Chance. Will her boyfriend’s “maleficent” change her fate or help it along? Who will she trust? How far will Julia go to protect her Second-Chance? 

Embryo theft, physical danger, helicopters and Russian subs, military sims, and tantalizing, azure Venetian pools await…don’t miss out on the NEW Julia Holland…


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